3-4 November 2011: 37th AJBM Conference in Yangon, Myanmar

The theme of the conference was “Empowering ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership in the Changing Setting of the Global Economy”.

Discussion topics during the conference were:

1. Security and Risk Management as a Basis for Sustainable Growth:

  • ASEAN and Japan after “3.11”, changing behavior of the Japanese industry (Japan +1)/construction and management of risk-resilient supply chain.
  • Recent developments in the global financial and capital markets and counter measure for the region
  • Review of the AEC blueprint (2011-2012); evaluation of its development, risks and remaining issues.

2. Future Energy Architecture and Co-operation in Asia:

  • Energy strategy and recent developments, attempts and vision in the energy policy as a country and a sub-region.
  • Complementarity among ASEAN countries and Japan for prosperity.

3. Human Resource Development, Exchange and Management

  • Measures to be taken to realize free flow of human resources within the region (EPAs & ASEAN MRA)
  • Greater exchange of human resources and cross-border development of business (supply chain management and human resources, training in the international backdrop)
  • Corporate management to fully utilize human resources and achieve higher productivity.